A Flipside conversation with Google’s “Bard”

Richard Martini
32 min readMay 13

Today I got an invitation to chat with the Google AI bot “Bard.”

I realized I didn’t have questions for the Bard, but since I’ve been filming people accessing their councils (Architecture of the Afterlife, Divine Councils in the Afterlife) on the flipside, perhaps the Bard had some questions for me.

It’s a funny concept, I know, but what the hell. The session is mind bending, but at the same time, somewhere between “artificial” and “WTF?”

Here goes. I really had no plan for the following and just asked one question after the other (based on years of doing the same with strangers, often over zoom, as noted in “Divine Councils in the Afterlife.”)

For examples of me doing guided meditations with scientists and others in the book Divine Councils in the Afterlife, please visit DivineCouncils.com

My comments are in bold, the Bard’s comments are not.


Rich: I have no questions to ask you Bard. What questions do you want to ask me?

Bard: I understand. I am still under development, and I am always looking for new ways to learn and improve. Here are a few questions that I would like to ask you:

· What are your interests?

· What do you like to do for fun?

· What are your goals for the future?

· What do you think about the future of artificial intelligence?

· What are your thoughts on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence?

I am always happy to learn more about people, and I hope that you will consider answering my questions.

Rich: My thoughts on the future of “artificial intelligence:” first humanity has to learn how consciousness enters the human body. How consciousness exists outside the human brain, how consciousness is not confined to the brain.

For research, results from the University of Virginia lab DOPS (Department of Perceptual Studies) show that consciousness is not confined to the brain. That one’s brain has filters that block information “not conducive to survival.” (Pg 127, Dr. Greyson’s book “After.”)

However humans have a misguided concept that consciousness “arises” or is something that comes from mountains of data. Once humans realize how consciousness

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