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A reference to David Crosby in “TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE”

(From Graham Nash’s page)


Chapter 11…


My comments are in italics, Jennifer Shaffer’s replies are in bold. By “class” I’m referring to our pals on the flipside who gather to chat with us on the podcast HACKING THE AFTERLIFE. ( or )

RICH: Then I went to see that documentary about David Crosby, “Remember My Name.”

JENNIFER: I got that it was more about his drugs.

That’s right, his heroin addiction. So class, what did you guys think of that?

Roger Ebert just showed up. (Jennifer aside) I know you don’t like him.

(Note: Roger gave my film “Limit Up” a “thumbs way down.”)

I have no beef with Roger now, I’m always glad to see him. Thumbs up dude.

He just gave me the chills. He says “It’s going to hit more people because of the addiction — it was hidden, something hidden about it — people didn’t know how bad it was — he (Crosby) played Russian roulette every single time… (he did drugs).

After seeing the film, I sent David a note on social media. In the note, I mentioned Crosby’s girlfriend Christine Hinton who died at 21.

When you said her name, Christine, I got an image of all these female robots. I don’t know why they showed me this — they showed me red lipsticked girls like those from the Robert Palmer video “Addicted to Love.” That’s what showed up, but I don’t know where this is going.

You mean like a groupie thing?

Yeah; but they’re all robots.

Are you saying Christine was more like a groupie?

No. I think there were too many groupies that got in the way. The robots representing the groupies, it’s like he (Crosby) feels bad because he feels responsible for her death — they had a fight, she was crying, and went to meet someone…

They didn’t mention that in the film, but makes sense.

She said she caught him several times (with groupies) — I know the crash wasn’t her fault… hold on…



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