My thoughts on the ubiquitous 11:11 (revised).

Gabriel before he blows his hornAs I’ve mentioned in “Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer” — my wife Sherry had a dream where she ran into my old friend Luana Anders.

She asked “How can you be here? You died 20 years ago.”

Luana showed her a spaceship — a TIE fighter that Luana had seen in a toy store hours earlier. If you look at a TIE fighter it looks like a physical interpretation of 11:11.

Two sides with a place in the center to meet
Two identical sides with a place in the center to meet.

Sherry pointed this out to me yesterday. That dream had another detail that I had missed. The TIE fighter. She didn’t know what it was called. But Luana essentially said “I took this to come here.”

I thought Luana was joking “I took a space ship to get here.”

But she was being SPECIFIC.

Then Sherry asked “How can that be?” And Luana replied “Think of 11:11. We meet at the decimals.”

What does that mean?

I take it as this; in my research I’ve asked people on the flipside (sometimes through Jennifer Shaffer, sometimes while speaking to someone who is accessing the flipside without hypnosis) and they say “I have to slow my energy down” or “I have to adjust my frequency to yours” — and I also have heard “And you have to adjust your frequency to mine.”

I just read this, this morning. A physical representation of 11:11. It came from a comment posted to a question I’d answered on the topic; a reply on Quora.

“Eight-months after my first husband passed away, I had a wonderful dream about him. Back then I was a student of lucid dreaming, so I “awakened in the dream” quickly as I sat on our “dream” living room couch. I could see my husband materializing next to me on the couch, but then he began to disappear. It looked like he was being beamed in, ala Star Trek



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