Richard Martini
2 min readNov 17, 2022

Hello Hacking the Afterlife fans.

Some have asked about the audible version of the newest book. I just got a notice that it is available via Amazon.

It’s funny, some people have said “I can’t fall asleep unless I hear your voice.” Which is a bit of an odd review. “If you want to fall asleep, listen to this!” I do get emotionally in this book as well — and I’m never aware of when that might occur. I thought about rerecording a portion that elicited the emotion — but ultimately, I’m reading it as honestly as I can. If it elicits emotion, it’s what was needed to be expressed in that moment.

No cat meowing in this one. But lots of unusual concepts expressed. It’s about as mind bending as this research gets.

I reached out to professionals who had never heard of me or the research, who through a friend knew they had done “guided meditation before.” And then, over zoom, we did “guided meditation sessions.” I wanted to experiment — see what percentage of people “could not see a guide, could not visit their council.”

In this book, all 50 did so without hypnosis. In some cases members of the councils reported that “they were aware of my research” when the person I was speaking to was not. Sometimes different members of the same council said they were NOT aware of the research, when the person next to them said they were.

In one instance, a council member called me “the trouble maker” — because I’m the “guy who goes around asking a lot of questions.”

So be it.

Here it is:



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