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Jennifer Shaffer and I have been meeting up weekly for seven years. The books that contain transcripts of our many chats are in BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE 1, 2, 3 or TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE.

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We’ve had Elvis show up in the past, and for the sake of clarity, and because the film is in theaters now, I’ve put together a number of times that he’s shown up in our chats. I was researching a film about Amelia Earhart and got invited to meet with a U.S. Marine veteran who served on Saipan, who saw her plane, was tasked with guarding it, and later watched it as it was destroyed. He lived off the Natchez Trail near Tupelo, Mississippi. I flew to Memphis, drove south to find him — promptly got lost, and pulled over to eyeball my cellphone map. When I looked up, I saw a giant sign in front of a shotgun style home in Tupelo.

“Birthplace of Elvis Presley.”

I wasn’t looking for it, but saw it. Years later, when working with renowned medium Jennifer Shaffer, who works with law enforcement nationwide on missing person cases, we began to interview people who showed up to chat with us. With the help of my friend Luana Anders, who passed in 1996, we’ve been interviewing dozens of individuals on the flipside. I joke that Jennifer is like having a cellphone to the flipside.

Either way, recently, Elvis has shown up in our podcast. There’s no other way to put it than after seven years of her saying weekly “so and so is here” — I then ask “so and so” why they showed up to speak with us. Because of the film coming out about his life, and because he had some things to say about it, I’m putting some of his interviews together in this document.

He first showed up in the research in a conversation about him. Jennifer Shaffer and I were discussing someone else’s crossing over — and when this musician got to the flipside, he said it was “as if he walked onstage and the band was waiting for him.”

He said they launched into the Carl Perkins tune “Blue Suede Shoes.” When asked “why that song?” the musician replied, “It was an homage to Elvis.”

Then in “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” book three, Elvis himself started showing up in sessions.

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