Parkinson’s and the Flipside

Richard Martini
12 min readMay 15

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Michael J. Fox’s documentary “Still” there’s no spoilers in saying that it’s touching, funny and startling to see the movie star going through the paces of working on his Parkinson’s.

As fans of the “Flipside” research may have heard, people on the flipside (via hypnotherapy, meditation or meditation) claim (consistently) that we choose our lifetimes with help and guidance from teachers, classmates and council members. That even the most problematic choices we make, may have the end result of helping millions of others. So in that construct, his journey will help millions of others suffering from the same issues.

I’ve been filming people claiming to access the process of incarnation for over ten years now. They aren’t “believers” or “non believers” — they are not religious, and often non religious, or disbelievers. Often skeptics, often outraged by the contrary things that people report about our journey on stage of life.

It’s not my opinion, theory or belief that people say the same dang things about the afterlife, about the journey, about how consciousness works or incarnation functions — I’m just the cameraman.

I turn on the camera. People say mind bending things over the course of their four to six hour session, and then I either edit that footage, or transcribe it into one of my ten “best selling kindles” on Amazon. Best sellers, because I keep getting invited back to Coast to Coast with George Noory and when I do so, the books all “run up the list.”

But that gives me zero credibility for what I’m about to say. (When has that ever stopped me before?)

I think Michael J. Fox could be immensely helped with hypnotherapy. I think people could be helped with hypnotherapy. That is spending hours every day in a state of “hypnosis” (hypnosis, as Dr. Helen Wambach noted, means “Sleep study” in Greek.)

Here’s a link to one of her talks from the 1970’s, given to me by someone who was at this event.

Dr. Wambach was a research scientist at JFK University who was helping people with PTSD. She was concerned about bias in the hypnosis research, so designed a study to eliminate it. She had groups of ten do 8 hour sessions, eliminated the ones who had come to “find a previous lifetime” and focused on those who had spontaneous experiences. She had them choose a time period to explore.

Richard Martini

Best selling author (kindle) “Flipside” “Its a Wonderful Afterlife” “Hacking the Afterlife” “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” writer/director of 8 feature films

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