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Sage advice from Friends on the Flipside — Tacitus and Plato

“Deride the stupidity of people who believe that today’s authority can destroy tomorrow’s memories.” Tacitus

Tacitus — Roman historian

I don’t remember when I posted this on my blog — might have been some time ago, as I have no memory of it. A woman on quora reached out to me as she saw me “teaching a class on the flipside.”

While trying to figure out what class that might be, I ran across this old post:

Last night I was in a deep and profound sleep.

I was aware that I was talking to some fellows. I can’t tell you how they were dressed, this morning I would argue they were in togas, but that’s as a result of looking up information about one in particular.

I had the impression that I was “talking” to “wise guardians.” (Or so it seemed)

For those familiar with my “Flipside” “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” and “Hacking the Afterlife” reports, people often claim to be speaking to “wise guardians” or “spirit guides.” In this case, I didn’t feel connected to these folks, just that we were having a conversation.

As I started to return to consciousness — waking up in Santa Monica — one of these fellows says “search “Tacitus” “souls return.” He says “It will prove this is not a dream.”

So when I wake up, I try hard to remember that sentence. I’ve heard things from the Flipside before, some I remember, some I don’t. In this case, I remember “Tacitus souls return.”

I don’t know who Tacitus is or was… I may have been familiar with his name, as an abstraction, but absolutely no clue why. So I wikipedia’d him… Tacitus was a Roman era historian (56 to 120 AD) who wrote a number of books about life under the Emperors. One of his books is the earliest reference to Christians, where he reports Nero’s torching and persecuting them.

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