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Upcoming appearance on COAST TO COAST with George Noory — Midnight to 2 a.m. TUESDAY THE 29TH OF NOVEMBER on the West Coast. Always fun to talk to George — we’ll be talking about

Divine Councils in the Afterlife: The Flipside Court

Basically how the book came about, the people that participated in the experiment to see if people who’d never heard of the research might be able to visit their councils, meet their guides, etc — over zoom. No hypnosis required.

There’s always a call in segment, so if you have questions or want to say hello, set those alarm clocks!

Here’s an interview that covers what we’ll be talking about:


from a Kindle Customer. 5.0 out of 5 stars Divine Council in the afterlife Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2022

(Verified Purchase) “Bravo ,this is such an enlightening book of information, that I don’t have the words to explain how this has been a wonder and fascinating look at what I feel about my life ,this time around , the validation that I am more than what I see and feel in this world . Kind of like don’t sweat the small stuff ,it’s all in the plan . Comforting to realize that going “Home “ is not the end but just another chapter in my existence . Thank you Rich Martini.”

You’re welcome!

What’s this latest book about?

Rich: It’s about how everyone has a council. How everyone can access their council, and they don’t need to have a near death experience, out of body event, or use hypnotherapy to access it. People can use those methods, and I recommend hypnotherapists licensed and trained by the Newton Institute, (they have a searchable database on their website) but this book was to prove the premise that anyone can access their guides, teachers, council members without using hypnosis — simple guided meditation.

What’s the simple guided meditation?

I use a Beatles lyric; “Picture yourself in a boat on a river.” Something anyone can do. Picture yourself in a boat on a river. Look around. What kind of boat is it? What body of water is it? Ask your guide



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