Well, I've been working with mediums who work with law enforcement agencies so I know how effective they can be. While not specifically grief therapists, they do function in that capacity. One of the best pieces of advice I've heard came during a session with Jennifer Shaffer. Her father showed up - and she began to weep. I took the opportunity to ask him directly "How do we help people with grief?" At first she said "I don't know." I said "Well, let's ask your dad." She said "He's saying to try to move grief to nostalgia." I asked "Why?" She said "I don't know!" I said "I mean ask him. Why did he say that?" She paused and said "He's saying that grief is only sad memories. That nostalgia is a combination of both sad and happier memories. When you can move grief to nostalgia you begin the healing process." Since then he shows up often to weigh in on our podcast hackingtheafterlife.com - The other side of that coin is hypnotherapy. I work with Scott from lightbetweenlives.com - and he happens to be giving a workshop in regression on May 20-22nd. Details on his page. If one wants to learn how to "access the flipside" no better teacher I know. It's something every therapist should have in their medical kit bag - the ability to help a person access the flipside, speak to loved ones no longer on the planet, learn why they chose their lifetime, or chose the events that have occurred to learn profound lessons. They can access their life selection process (as shown in the film HackingTheAfterlifeFilm.com ) Hope this helps.


Best selling author (kindle) “Flipside” “Its a Wonderful Afterlife” “Hacking the Afterlife” “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” writer/director of 8 feature films

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